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Pet Wellness Exams in Advance, NC

Taking preventive action to protect your pet from potential disease or complications is essential to helping them live the longest and happiest life possible.

Discovering a problem at its early stages can help reduce costly treatment for your pet later in life. For the best preventive care, Hillsdale Animal Hospital recommends one to two wellness exams each year for your pet.

What Is a Wellness Exam?

A wellness exam is an annual or bi-annual checkup that vets perform to monitor pets’ health. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, wellness exams are essential to treating potentially life-threatening problems before they become irreversible. 

When you bring your pet in for a wellness exam with one of our veterinarians at Hillsdale Animal Hospital, we complete a thorough evaluation of their body systems and discuss common problems (dental disease, obesity, arthritis) that may be impacting your pet’s health. It is imperative to address these concerns early to prevent serious health consequences.

We recommend complete blood counts and chemistry panels yearly for your pets less than seven years of age and twice yearly for your older pets. Additionally, we recommend a urinalysis with every wellness exam and a fecal exam every six months, no matter your pet’s age. Serious health problems are often detected on lab screenings before they are obvious to a pet owner.

We also recommend specific vaccine plans based on your pet’s age, health, and lifestyle. Though all pets must have their core vaccines completed, some pets are more prone to certain diseases based on where they live and play. Our veterinarians will work with you to recommend the best vaccine schedule for your pet’s lifestyle.

Most pets younger than seven years old only need to come in once a year for a wellness exam. Older pets are at a higher risk for disease, so we recommend bringing them twice a year.

Wellness Exams for Dogs

We all know dogs age faster than humans. Faster aging and hidden diseases mean that wellness exams are essential to maintaining your dog’s health.

At your dog’s wellness exam, one of our vets will observe your dog’s weight, muscles, fur, skin, eyes, ears, nose, teeth, and ability to walk and stand throughout the exam. The vet also listens to your dog’s heartbeat and lungs and palpate specific areas of the body to check the internal organs. After they finish, the vet may recommend additional tests, such as lab work not included in a typical wellness exam, depending on any concerning signs during the physical exam.

Wellness Exams for Cats

Preventive wellness exams are vital for cat health, as cats are experts at hiding illness and discomfort. Just as with dog wellness exams, during a wellness exam for cats, one of our vets will take your cat’s vitals and inspect their eyes, skin, and teeth and for any signs of illness.

We know that a trip to the vet can be a scary experience for many cats. Our vets work with patience and compassion to help relax your cat during their visit.

Where Can I Schedule a Wellness Exam for My Pet?

If you are looking for a wellness exam for your dog or cat, the team at Hillsdale Animal Hospital is here to help. In addition to standard wellness exams, we also offer bundled Pet Wellness Plans that include routine checkups, up-to-date vaccinations, wellness exams, and flea and tick prevention treatments.  These plans are tailored to provide the services your pet needs at any walk of life, whether they are a puppy or kitten or a senior pet.

We are committed to providing high-quality care to advance your pet’s health. To schedule your pet’s wellness exam with us in Advance, NC, call us at (336) 281-3344.