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Pet Wellness Exams in Advance, NC

A nose to tail exam should be performed on all pets yearly or twice yearly for your more mature pets. At your pet’s wellness exam, we will complete a thorough evaluation of their body systems and discuss common problems (dental disease, obesity, arthritis) that may be impacting your pet’s health. It is important that these problems are addressed early in order to prevent serious health consequences.

We use the highest quality vaccines at Hillsdale Animal Hospital, and do not have a ‘standard’ protocol for all pets. Instead, we customize our vaccine recommendations based on your pet’s individual risks and needs. We will discuss the importance of all vaccine recommendations at the time of your pet’s wellness exam.

We recommend complete blood counts and chemistry panels yearly for your pets less than seven years of age and twice yearly for your older pets. Serious health problems are often detected on screening lab work before clinical signs development. It is important to catch these abnormalities early if possible.

Take care of your pet and schedule their annual wellness exam now!