If you consider yourself a dog parent, it is likely that your fur baby means the world to you. Dogs have a special place in our hearts, they are loyal, loving, and always so excited to see us. Coming home from work and being greeted by an ecstatic pup is one of the best feelings in the world. Dogs have a way of cheering us up, even during our darkest days. And that is why they deserve the best care and love.

As a dog owner, you want to keep your pooch happy and healthy throughout their entire lives. And more people do their best by keeping an eye on how much they feed them, giving them daily exercise, and showing them endless love. But there are many things that can be done to keep your dogs healthy.

There are many ways to make sure your pet lives a healthy life. At Hillsdale Animal Hospital we understand how important your dog is to you. Which is why we offer a wide variety of services that can help keep your pet healthy, happy, and ready for your next adventure. We serve the Mockville, Advance, and Clemmons areas in North Carolina, allowing you to have access to the best veterinary services.

Today, we are going to give you tips and advice on how to keep your dogs healthy and happy throughout their entire lives. Read on to learn more about how to keep your fur baby living a healthy life.

Regular Wellness Exams


Obviously we can’t continue before covering some of our awesome services that are necessary for a healthy pet. We recommend bringing your pup in for a wellness exam once or twice a week depending on their age. During these exams, we will do a complete evaluation of their body systems, as well as look at their dental health, weight, and anything else that may be of concern. By bringing your pup in for regular exams, we can diagnose any problems early on, allowing us to treat your dog right away. We may recommend more testing for your pooch during this wellness exam to help us get a better understanding of your dog’s health.


Getting your dog heartworm medication and their annual shots is also an important factor that plays into their overall health. These prevention treatments can help keep your dog safe from diseases that may be more harmful than you think. It is important to get all of your dog’s shots annually before bringing them around other dogs or in the great outdoors. The heartworm pill is also important since this is a disease that is present all over the region. By keeping up-to-date on your dog’s shots and heartworm medication, you can help ensure they live a healthy and happy life that is worry-free.

Feed Them Right

What you are feeding your dog is super important. Just like humans, food can affect your dog a lot, from the health of their fur to their mood. You want your dog to feel good and healthy, which is why feeding your dog the right food is important. Make sure your dog is eating nutritious food that is well balanced and easy to digest. Raw food diets are great for all dogs, but they can be time consuming and pricy. If you do decide to go with pet food, be sure to avoid preservatives and check the ingredients list carefully. In a later blog, we will talk all about dog food, what to look for, and what to avoid.

You also want to be sure to avoid feeding your dog human food regularly. While some foods are okay for your dogs, others can harm your dog. The ASPCA gives a list of the foods to never give your fur baby. These foods include:

  • Alcohol
  • Avocado
  • Chocolate
  • Coffee
  • Caffeine
  • Citrus
  • Coconut and coconut oil
  • Grapes
  • Raisins
  • Macadamia nuts
  • Milk
  • Dairy
  • Nuts
  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Chives
  • Raw meat
  • Raw eggs
  • Bones from meat
  • Salty snacks
  • Xylitol
  • Yeast dough

We will also go over these foods in more detail in a future blog. For now, just be sure your dog is not eating any of these foods. If you aren’t sure if your scraps will make your dog sick or not, it is best to just not feed your dog this food.


Exercise is extremely important for your dog. While getting up early before work to walk your dog and coming home and having to walk you dog may not seem like how you want to spend your free time, your dog needs it. Just think — Fido has been cooped up all day in the house, waiting for you to return. They want to get out, run a bit, and get some fresh air. Oftentimes, dogs will develop destructive behaviors when they have left over energy built up. They need to stay active just as much as people do, walking your dog is a great way to keep yourself active too!

There are many ways to give your dog exercise. You could walk them around the block, bring them to a field and play fetch with a ball, ride your bike (slowly) as they run alongside you, or even go in the backyard and play. It is not hard to be active with your pooch but it is important. Be sure to walk them before work and play with them after work so they get out even more energy.

Dental Health

Your dog’s dental health is just as important as yours. As plaque and tartar build up around their teeth, their chances of experiencing other health problems increases. There are many ways to take care of your dog’s teeth — brushing them, using an oral rinse, or giving your pup a dental treat are some of the ways. If you think your dog’s stinky breath is due to poor dental health and you want to make sure their teeth are healthy, bring them in to Hillsdale Animal Hospital. We offer dental care services to help keep your dog’s teeth clean and their health in check. We even offer non-anesthetic dental services for pets that are suitable.

Regular Grooming

All dogs need grooming. Think about if you went weeks without bathing or brushing your hair, people would probably not want to be around you. While dogs are always fun to be around, even when they are slightly stinky, not grooming your pooch can affect their health. Bathing at least once a month can help keep your dog’s skin healthy. But brushing their fur should happen a lot more, daily for long-haired dogs. Their nails should also be trimmed and their ears cleaned regularly. If you do not want to groom your dog yourself, Hillsdale Animal Hospital offers grooming services that can help your dog look beautiful and remain healthy and happy!

Taking care of your pet should be easy, but there are important things that must be done to ensure they live healthy and happy lives. By following these tips and talking to one of our vets for more tips on how to keep you dog healthy, you can help make your dog’s life even better and longer! We know that your dog is important to you and that you want to keep them healthy and happy, these are tips that can help you achieve that! Start giving your dog the care they truly need and join the Hillsdale family today! We offer new clients a discount of their initial visit. Contact us today to learn more!