A cat can make a great addition to any family. Whether you have kids, dogs, or live on your own, a cat could be a great choice. If you are a first-time cat owner or are considering getting a cat, learning how to properly care for your cat is important.

Taking care of a cat is not difficult, they do not take as much energy as taking care of dogs, but they do require a certain amount of care. While cats are more a more independent pet, you will still have to actively care for them.

Whether you are adding a cat to your family or you want to know how to better care for your feline friend, we can help! At Hillsdale Animal Hospital, we are experts when it comes to caring for your kitty and we want to help you understand the best care tips. Continue reading this blog to learn more about care tips for your cat!

Feeding Tips

Feeding your cat nutritious and high-quality food is important in keeping your cat healthy. Buy a natural, name-brand cat food that contains taurine. Taurine is an essential amino acid that cats need for their heart and eye health. Any quality and well-balanced cat food will contain taurine. You will also want to keep in mind that your kitty needs protein derived from meat in order to remain healthy. Find a food that gives your cat enough protein to keep them energized and healthy. Our vets will be able to make dietary recommendations based on your cat’s age, activity levels, and overall health.

You will also want to make sure that your cat always has clean, fresh water available for them. Refill your cat’s water every day to keep it fresh. If your cat will not drink out of a bowl, try giving them a tall glass instead. You can also get a cat fountain (many cats enjoy drinking from running water, such as the faucet).

Litter Box Tips

Unlike dogs, your cat will not sit at your door waiting to get outside when they have to relieve themself. You will need to invest in some litter boxes. While one litter box is fine, you may want to invest in two, giving your cat multiple places to go. If you have multiple cats, you may want to add another litter box, although one could do the trick.

You will always want to ensure the litter box is clean. You may have to scoop it multiple times a day, but definitely aim for at least once a day! If the litter box is dirty, your cat may end up going to the bathroom elsewhere. Keeping your litter box clean can help you keep track of the health of your cat and ensure they are using it instead of your carpet!

Grooming Tips

While you may notice your cat licking and grooming themselves regularly, you will still need to perform different grooming tasks. Brushing your cat frequently will help keep their coat clean and help cut back on shedding. There are pet brush gloves you can use to brush your cat without a struggle. Many cats may not like being brushed with an actual brush, but the glove allows you to pet them while removing hair!

Keeping your cat’s nails clipped is another great grooming task that you should take care of regularly. Clip their nails at least twice a month to help keep their nails at a healthy length and avoid problems. Cats will manage their nails slightly, but clipping them can help. You will also want to get a scratching post for your cat. This will keep them from scratching your furniture and help keep their nails in good shape. If you are not sure how to clip your cat’s nails, bring them into Hillsdale Animal Hospital near Clemmons. We can help with any of your cat’s grooming needs.

Choose the Right Vet

When you add a cat to your family, you will want to find a vet that can properly care for your feline friend. Hillsdale Animal Hospital is a great choice for your cat. We offer cat wellness plans that can help ensure your cat stays healthy and get all of the vaccinations and treatments they need as they age. We are able to spay or neuter them, trim their nails, and give them all the vaccinations they need. We offer a huge variety of services to help your cat stay healthy and happy while they are a part of your family. If you are looking for a great vet clinic to bring your cat to, our team would be honored to help keep your cat healthy. Be sure to fill out our new client registration form to get started.

Show Love

While cats may not be as needy for attention as dogs are, they still need love and for you to spend time with them. Play with them with a laser or string toys, cuddle with them on the couch, and show them as much love as possible. When you are around more and spend more time with your cat, they will be more likely to want to be around you. If you are always gone or ignore them while they are home, they will get used to being alone. Play with your furry friend and make sure to show them love, that is one of the most important care tips for any pet!

Even if you have dogs or kids, cats can be a great addition to your family. Believe it or not, cats and dogs can get along very well when they are raised together. They may even become best friends! If you have been considering getting a cat, be sure to find a vet that can take care of them and help you keep them healthy. Use these care tips to give your cat everything they need and schedule your kitten’s first appointment at Hillsdale Animal Hospital near Clemmons. We are happy to meet your new feline friend!