You finally broke and got yourself a puppy! First, we would like to congratulate you on the best decision of your life. You will love your new life with your puppy. There may be some frustrating moments (especially in the beginning) but in the end, they will be your best friend and basically your adopted child. A dog is a special gift and let’s be honest, people don’t deserve these furry, loving bundles of joy! But we have them anyways.

Now that you have a puppy, caring for them is important. You will want to do everything in your power to ensure they are happy and healthy throughout their entire lives. You will want to help them grow and thrive as a puppy, live their best life during their junior years, and make them happy and comfortable in old age.

It can be hard watching your dog grow older, but we know that you will still want to care for them. We also know that sometimes you may want to just lock them in the kennel as a puppy, especially right after they have an accident, but this is not the best way to care for your little fur baby. In every stage of your dog’s life, you have to care for them and love them all the same.

When you first get a puppy, it can be hard to train them properly. Those puppy eye will have you breaking all the rules you made for your pup, but stick with them. Not only will you be glad you did in the future, but it will help ensure you are properly caring for your pup throughout their entire lives.

At Hillsdale Animal Hospital in Advance, we can help you care for your pup from the time they become part of your family to the moment they leave for puppy heaven. Our pet wellness plans can ensure your dog is getting the right care during every stage of their lives. In this blog, we are going to give you tips to care for you furry friend. Read on to learn more and contact Hillsdale Animal Hospital today to schedule your pup’s appointment.

Caring for Your Puppy

Did you know that your dog is technically still a puppy from the time they are a newborn until they have the ability to reproduce? Depending on the breed of your pup, this will happen at different ages. Caring for your puppy during this time may be a lot of work, especially with training also needed, but here are some tips!

Feeding Your Pup

You will likely not get your puppy until they are seven to eight weeks old or older. Younger puppies need their mother for feedings, and while there are other ways to feed your young pup, we suggest leaving them with mom until they are older. At about eight weeks old, your puppy will start to eat actual food. When they are young, you will want to feed them different amounts depending on their age.

  • Two to three months: at this age, feed your little pup four times a day.
  • Three to six months: as they get older, your puppy will need to eat three times a day.
  • Six months to one year or two years for larger breeds: once your puppy reaches on to two years old (depending on the breed) you will cut back to feeding them twice a day.

One thing to note about their feeding is the fact that they receive natural protection against diseases through their mother’s milk. Once they stop eating this way, they will need their vaccinations.

Vaccinating Your Puppy

At a young age, your pup will need vaccinations several times during the first few months. Our puppy wellness plan can help you save money on the vaccinations your puppy will need in the beginning of their fun-filled life. They will also need to be treated for parasites such as heartworm.

Getting your pup vaccinated and treated for parasites regularly throughout their life is important but when they are puppies, you will need to take extra care and ensure you get them these vaccinations when they need them.

Neuter Your Pup

Unless you plan on breeding, it is a great idea to get your puppy spayed or neutered. Not only will this prevent from unwanted pregnancies, but it will also provide protection against certain disease and rid your pup of behaviors that are less than desirable. Our puppy wellness plan offers discounts on this service.

Training Your Pup

Training your pup may not be necessary to their health, but it can make caring for your puppy more enjoyable and help them be a great dog later in life. House training them is important, not only for the cleanliness of your home, but also for the health of your home. Having your dog use your couch as their bathroom can make for an unsanitary living situation that can cause health issues for you and your pup. We will talk more about training your puppy later on, but just keep in mind its importance.

Caring for Your Junior Pup

Your dog will need more care when they are younger, since they are so new to life and unable to properly protect themselves against diseases. As your dog ages, they will need more personalized care along with their regular vaccinations and exams.

Depending on your lifestyle and the one you provide to your dog, they may need different care. If your dog is gaining some weight they may need to be put on a diet and exercise plan. Your dog may develop different conditions that will require more care.

For the most part, however, if you care for your dog, feed them right, give them regular exercise, the only thing you will really need to worry about is bringing them to the vet regularly for their annual vaccinations and parasite treatment. Check out our junior dog wellness plan to learn more!

Caring for Your Senior Pup

As your dog gets older they may require more care. They may be more susceptible to diseases and illnesses which making regular vet visits important. Your older dog may develop problems that can require more attention and care. Their diet may change and require you to be careful what you are feeding them. They may not move as fast, but they still need regular exercise.

Our vets can help ensure your dog is healthy as they age with our senior dog wellness plan. Caring for your dog properly can ensure that they live a healthy and happy life until their very last day. Watching your dog get old is hard, but making sure they have the right care can help ensure they are happy every day of their life.

If you have a new puppy in your life and want to give them the best care possible, be sure to contact Hillsdale Animal Hospital. We will be able to help provide your dog with the best care possible and keep them healthy.