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Refill Reward

Right on Time Refill Reward

At Hillsdale Animal Hospital, we want all of your pets protected against Heartworm Disease. Heartworms can be fatal and are transmitted year-round by mosquitos. It is imperative to protect your pet 12 months of the year, never missing a dose and staying RIGHT ON TIME every month.

Hillsdale Animal Hospital is excited to announce our RIGHT ON TIME REFILL REWARD β€” made possible by Boehringer Ingelheim sponsorship (maker of Heartgard Plus).

Bring in Your Box!

Bring in your empty box when you are due for a refill. A reward is available for 6 pack purchases refilled within 6 months and 12 pack purchases refilled within 12 months. Not sure of the date of your previous purchase? Call the clinic and we will be happy to tell you!

Choose Your Reward!

$10 Target Gift Card

$10 Starbucks Gift Card

$10 off your next purchase of six or twelve dose pack

Now the Details:

Heartgard Plus is a prescription product. Pets must be a current patient (exam within one year) with a current negative heartworm test (dogs).

Contact us to talk to staff members for questions and information and learn more about parasite control now!