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Pet Parasite Treatment in Advance, NCl

Heartworms are everywhere in our region and it is critical that ALL dogs and cats be protected. Heartworm disease is a fatal condition and one that is easily prevented. We are blessed with a mild climate in our region but that means it is necessary to protect your pet year round for heartworms and fleas/ticks.

We are proud to carry Heartgard Plus and Nexgard as our primary monthly preventive recommendations for our canine patients and monthly Revolution for our feline friends.

There are MANY different heartworm and flea/tick preventives on the market — how do you know which one is right for your pet? We are here to help you determine what product may suit your pet best. If that product is not one that we stock in our hospital, we are still able to satisfy your request through our online pharmacy — and your product will be shipped right to your front door!

To learn more about parasite control and prevention, contact our clinic today. We can help your pet stay healthy and safe.

At our animal hospital, we offer veterinary services such as puppy and kitten care, pet x-rays and laboratory services, senior care, parasite treatment, microchipping, pet dental services, pet surgery, laser therapy, sick patient diagnostics and hospitalization, pain management, emergency vet, pet boarding, pet sitting and pet grooming services.

We also offer additional new services not found at many clinics. Our non-anesthetic dental cleanings offer an alternate way to maintain healthy teeth in appropriate candidates. We also offer pet wellness plans and pet wellness exams from puppy/kitten through senior programs, which provide a discounted package of wellness services in twelve monthly payments. We have recently added laser therapy as an option for several chronic conditions and wound healing.

We strive to deliver compassionate care, client education, and quality medicine. Our patients are our number one focus. After all, we are not only veterinarians, we are pet owners too! Feel free to call with questions or concerns at any time. We will be happy to help you with our pet blog, offers or check out our Hillsdale Animal Hospital reviews.