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Dental Health

We are pleased to offer two dental cleaning options at Hillsdale Animal Hospital — anesthetic and non-anesthetic dental cleanings. It is important to realize that not all pets are good candidates for a non-anesthetic dental cleaning and that there are pros and cons to each service. We require an evaluation with one of our veterinarians prior to scheduling a non-anesthetic dental cleaning to ensure it is an appropriate treatment for your pet.

We offer dental cleanings with general anesthesia Monday through Friday by appointment. If this cleaning is scheduled within 30 days of your pet’s wellness exam, you will receive a $30 credit on the service charges. Anesthetic dental cleanings are needed for pets with advanced dental disease or when extractions are likely needed. Pets who are very anxious or head shy will also benefit from an anesthetic dental as it is likely to be less stressful for them overall.

We offer non-anesthetic dental cleanings by appointment approximately every eight weeks. Our non-anesthetic dental cleanings are provided by a third party and are limited in the number of appointments slots so it is important that they are scheduled weeks in advance. Non-anesthetic dental cleanings are best suited for animals with minimal dental disease. We also consider non-anesthetic dental cleanings for pets with underlying health conditions that would make anesthesia risky.

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