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Pet Boarding Advance, NC

Hillsdale Animal Hospital Boarding Services

Every dog and cat owner knows how important finding a trusted pet sitter or boarding service is. You pour time, energy and love into your pet, so leaving them behind when you go out of town is not easy.

At Hillsdale Animal Hospital, our pet boarding services ensure that your furry friend enjoys a vacation of their own while you are traveling. Our state-of-the-art facility is staffed entirely by animal lovers whose favorite part of the job is showing your pet plenty of love and affection.

The majority of our guests are dogs, but we have separate facilities for cats as well. All our visitors stay in safe and clean, climate-controlled runs, and our staff works hard to make sure your pet feels right at home. 

The next time you head out of town, leave your pet with us. At Hillsdale Animal Hospital, we treat each animal boarding with us as if he or she were our own.  

Boarding your pets can make traveling easier for you. Finding a pet sitter that will care for your pets as you do may be difficult, but with Hillsdale Animal Hospital on your side, you can rest assured your pet is in good hands. Our boarding program will keep your pet happy during your travels.

We are happy to care for your pet as if they were our own whenever you need us. We board pets, seven days a week, 365 days a year, with limited Sunday pickup hours. Our boarding kennel is equipped with large runs and outdoor space to run and play. Your pet will have outdoor time at least three times daily and unlimited love and attention. Does your pet have special needs or medications? We will provide any medications and special care needed for your pet at no extra charge.

Boarding Service in Advance, NC 

Regardless of whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, we want your dog to view every visit with us as their own little getaway.
The first time their owner leaves, a dog doesn’t know what is happening – all they know is that their best friend is gone. For dogs, bad behaviors like chewing on furniture, going to the bathroom indoors or nervous barking can return.

That is why we ensure your dog has plenty of activity. Your pup will have outdoor time at least three times a day, where they romp and play with our staff. If you are leaving more than one dog with us, they’ll get to play together. Your dog won’t be interacting with the other dogs during this time – we keep play time-independent so each animal gets the attention they need in a safe environment.

Making your dog comfortable during boarding

Dogs staying with us enjoy our spacious runs. Smaller dogs stay in 6’x4’ runs, and dogs over 30 pounds stay in our suites, which are roughly double the size of a standard run.

In order to make your dog comfy and cozy during their stay with us, you should prepare beforehand. If your dog is already crate-trained, the run will be less of an adjustment. Dogs are natural den-makers, wanting a small and secure space to call their own.

If your dog is accustomed to being by your side constantly, begin acclimating them to be more independent. The same goes if they are used to being with another pet at all times. Well-adjusted dogs are OK not being by their owner’s side 24-7, and fostering independence is an important step in training.

If your dog will be taking any anxiety medications while with us, we recommend starting them on the pills a few days before they get here.

Boarding Nutrition

All our furry guests at Hillsdale Animal Hospital enjoy nutrition that is specially formulated to go easy on your pet’s tummy. Dogs get the Purina EN and cats receive the Pro Plan Indoor Cat. Some animals get stressed when mom and dad are gone, so we make sure the food we serve is easy to digest and tasty.

If you want to keep your pet on their current diet, we are happy to accommodate them. Just bring their food with them at drop off. We’ll feed your pet on whatever schedule you prefer.

Medical Care During Boarding

Pets staying with us at Hillsdale Animal Hospital have access to our entire medical staff. You can rest easy knowing that if your dog needs any medical attention, our veterinarians are on site and can provide the care they need. It’s a perk that your pup will hopefully never need, but sets us apart from the doggy daycares and individual petsitters. All pets staying with us must be up-to-date on their rabies and distemper immunizations, and dogs must also have their bordetella shots.

Boarding Packing List

Before you drop your dog off with us, make sure you pack their bags. 

  • Collar with ID tags and their leash
  • Any medications. All meds should be in their original packaging and come with instructions for administration (amount and frequency). 
  • A favorite toy, if you would like for your pup to have a familiar ball or chewtoy during their play time (optional). We don’t leave toys or blankets in your dog’s run during the day for safety reasons, but many of our visitors enjoy playing with a toy from home during recreation time.
  • Any supplemental food or treats. Give specific instructions on amounts and when to feed. As noted above, we provide high quality food for all our visitors, but if they prefer their regular diet we are happy to accommodate. 

You can be assured that if your pet is staying with us we will treat them as our own and make sure they are happy and healthy. One final benefit of boarding at our animal hospital, is that if your pet becomes ill during their stay, they are in just the right place to receive prompt treatment!

To learn more about our boarding program contact us today. We also offer at home pet sitting, for late nights at the office or weekend trips to the cabin. Learn more about our at home sitting now!

At our animal hospital, we offer veterinary services such as puppy and kitten care, pet x-rays and laboratory services, senior care, parasite treatment, microchipping, pet dental services, pet surgery, laser therapy, sick patient diagnostics and hospitalization, pain management, emergency vet, pet boarding, pet sitting and pet grooming services.

We also offer additional new services not found at many clinics. Our non-anesthetic dental cleanings offer an alternate way to maintain healthy teeth in appropriate candidates. We also offer pet wellness plans and pet wellness exams from puppy/kitten through senior programs, which provide a discounted package of wellness services in twelve monthly payments. We have recently added laser therapy as an option for several chronic conditions and wound healing.

We strive to deliver compassionate care, client education, and quality medicine. Our patients are our number one focus. After all, we are not only veterinarians, we are pet owners too! Feel free to call with questions or concerns at any time. We will be happy to help you with our pet blog, offers or check out our Hillsdale Animal Hospital reviews.